Work Package 3: Hybrid and MHD Models

WP3 is one of the two work packages which form the IMPEx modelling sector. The objective of WP3 consists in enabling IMPEx with an access to advanced modelling codes for simulation of plasma environments around planetary objects and preparation of efficient interfaces for operation of these codes and work with their performance results. The modelling core of WP3 consists of the world known global numerical state-of-art hybrid model HYB,  and the magnetohydrodynamic  (MHD) model GUMICS. The uniqueness, high attractiveness and great impact potential of these models for the IMPEx users is provided by the facts that (1) FMI's HYB model is recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive hybrid modeling platform for study of Solar System objects environments and, (2) FMI's MHD model is the only MHD model for terrestrial magnetosphere in Europe. The modelling infrastructure of WP3 builds on computational resources operated at FMI, as well as their related data bases and services.

Within the frame of the proposed project, the scope of WP3 modelling targets includes several Solar System objects, namely, Mercury, Venus, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter's moon Ganymede, Saturn's moon Titan as well as comets and asteroids:

The computational modelling activity in WP3 will feed directly into the IMPEx WP2 in a way that the models and their data outputs will be linked to the IMPEx Data and Model environment (DaME) which will include also large archive of space mission data (AMDA) and a 3D visualization tool (3DView Multimission). In this way the HYB and MHD Modelling (HMM) environment created within WP3 will increase an efficiency of use of the whole complex of data (from space missions and models).