Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration

IMPEx is aimed at the creation of an integrated interactive computational framework where data from planetary missions will be interconnected with numerical models providing a possibility...

  1. simulate planetary phenomena and interpret space missions measurements;

  2. test models versus experimental data and perform further improvements of models;

  3. fill gaps in the measurements by appropriate modelling runs;

  4. perform preparation of specific mission operations and solve various technological tasks, including preparation of new missions.


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In view of the strong European engagement in past, present and future space missions to Mercury (BepiColombo), Venus (VenusExpress), Earth (Cluster, Themis), Mars (MarsExpress), Jupiter and Ganymede (Galileo, JGO), Saturn and Titan (Cassini), Comet 67P (Rosetta), the project IMPEx will have its primary focus at plasma and magnetic environments of these missions targets.

Research potentials of the created infrastructure will be demonstrated by a set of practical examples. The target audience of IMPEx users is comprised of the broad planetary science community including data analysts, basic researchers, as well as mission and instrument designers.

IMPEx Guestbook

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Joanna Fabbri from UCL

Tuesday, 24-07-12 17:29

I am involved with the Rosetta mission ground-based observation campaign, and it seems IMPEx will be useful resource once data is available. In the meantime, it would be helpful to see a Scientific Use Case for the Comets section. Many thanks.