IMPEx Use and Science Cases

All use cases and science cases that have been reviewed and approved by the IMPEx consortium are linked from this page. 

Scientific Use Cases

Science Case 1
Science Case 2
Martian aurorae 
Science Case 3
Remote sensing of Mercury´s surface minerals and composition
Science Case 4
Comparison of observed data by the Venus Express MAG instrument with simulation results of the Venusian magnetic environment from the Hybrid Plasma Model.
Science Case 5
Giant planets
Science Case 6
Earth and Moon
Science Case 7
Jupiter Moons and their electrodynamic interaction with Jovian ionosphere
Science Case 8
Science Case 9
Asteroids related to DAWN mission


High and Low Level Use Cases

Use Case 1
A scientist wants to compare observed data with simulation outputs in AMDA
Use Case 2
Observational data superimposed to spacecraft trajectory in 3DView 

Use Case 3
Planning Jupiter auroral science campaign with NASA/Juno

Use Case 4
Three dimensional presentation of magnetospheric boundaries in 3DViewwith paraboloid model