Work Package 1: Project Management

IMPEx has a compact (4 participants), but multi-disciplinary consortium which consists of scientists and computational modelling specialists on one hand and the experts in handling, visualization and analysis of space missions' multi-scale data on the other hand. The geography of the project participants, besides of Europe, includes also an International Cooperation Partner Country, Russia.

The working program of IMPEx involves certain amount of sub-contracting relations with SMEs from the industry and service sector, as well as public outreach activity. Extensive cooperation of IMPEx with other FP7 currently running projects, e.g., Europlanet-RI, HELIO, etc. and similar research infrastructures (e.g., CCMC and Visbard/NASA in USA) is also envisaged.

All these circumstances cause the specifics and importance of the foreseen project management tasks. The overall success of IMPEx will crucially depend on the effective coordination and integration of all its elements and action items. The Objective of WP1 is to provide the necessary management structure and skills to operate the projectIMPEx ensuring excellence, inclusiveness, responsiveness, transparency, timeliness and accountability.