Work Package 2: Data and Model Environment

The major goal of WP2 consists in providing a user-friendly efficient environment for IMPEx where the models and results of their operation can be superimposed with the data of space (Earth's and planetary) missions and used jointly for scientific research and technological applications. The key objectives of the DaME workpackage are :

  • to define standardized interfaces and communication protocols between tools (AMDA, 3DView, CLWeb, simulation and model databases) for data transfer.
  • to design and implement several methods of "data discovery" aimed at helping the user fine tuning the observation/model/simulation comparison (usage of time tables and catalogues, conditional search on model parameters, ...).
  • to propose a variety of data representations in multiple dimensions (time series, plane cuts, iso-surfaces, quantities along orbits and fields, ...).
  • to investigate ways to collaborate with existing infrastructures that are similar, or compatible, with IMPEx and to minimize duplication of efforts.
  • to promote the integration of new models into IMPEx as well as the access to the most comprehensive set of associated environmental data.

In short the DaME WP will propose an integrated environment of tools enabling the visualisation and analysis of data originating from simulations, observations and models.

The RTD tasks of WP2 (DaME) are closely linked to the RTD tasks of the modelling sector work packages (WP3 and WP4) whose outputs will feed directly into DaME. DaME will also include a large archive of space mission data (AMDA) as well as a 3D visualization tool (3DView).