IMPEx USB/SSB Meeting 2013

The IMPEx USB/SSB briefing meeting will take place on April the 7th 2013 in Vienna. All board members are invited in order to be updated on the latest achievements as well as future plans of the project. The goal is to obtain valuable feedback from the IMPEx support boards.

Meeting Location

Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark, Rathausstraße 17, 1010 Vienna - Tel.: +43 (1) 40 412, Fax: +43 (1) 40 412-761

Meeting Agenda & Questionnaire

The meeting will start at 10:00 (CET) and last until approximately 18:00 (CET) - 2 coffee breaks and lunch will be provided on site. The meeting will be divided into two main parts - the first half will be used to update the board members on current achievements and future plans. Several presentations will be held by key team members. The second half will be reserved for discussions, comments and for the gathering of feedback. To this behalf and to capture the opinions of board members not taking part in the meeting a questionnaire has been created.

>> Detailed agendafor RP2 SSB/USB meeting

>> USB/SSB Questionnaire for Reporting Period 2

Presented Tools

AMDA: A web analysis tool for observational and simulation data
Access the prototype version of the new interface at >>

A login/password for the board members has been set up and will be sent upon request (at amda(at) Login is mandatory as sessions/workspace are saved.

3DView: A 3D Java tool for planetary data visualization in context
Access the current version at >>
No login required.

CLWeb: A web tool for detailed data analysis >>

FMI Hybrid Modelling: Hybrid-Modelling Web Archive >>

SINP Paraboloid Model: Dynamic Model Web Access >>

LATMOS Hybrid Simulation Database: On-line catalogue of LATMOS hybrid simulations >>


Technical as well as design related documentation for the IMPEx project.

IMPEx Data Model - Documentation, technical definitions (xsd) and support for v1.0 of the IMPEx Data Model.

User Requirements Document - v1.1, capturing all required features including priorities.

Description of AMDA Web Services - v1.0, data exchange and possible implementations of a virtual workspace.