IMPEx Tools and System Requirements

IMPEx is a web based system - in order to have full access to all components and functionalities, a modern web browser as well as Java support is required.

Quick overview guide of all available IMPEx tools.

IMPEx Portal
IMPEx Portal

IMPEx Portal

The IMPEx portal provides intuitive access to the complete IMPEx Protocol >> access the tool

  • Access to and filters for simulation and observational data 
  • Intuitive access to methods of the IMPEx Protocol
  • REST based interface to IMPEx Protocol and configuration (json/xml)
  • SAMP interface to AMDA, 3DView and CLWeb
  • Usage of local (browser) storage for IMPEx data
  • Automatic check for system availability
  • Can be used on mobile devices

System Requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari

Amda NG tool
AMDA NG - generic webtool


A generic Webtool for Space PLASMA Physics data analysis >> access the tool

  • automated event search and characterisation
  • catalogue generation and exploitation
  • automated database conditional extraction
  • access to remote Data Centers

Find an Introduction to CDPP AMDA >> here

System Requirements: Firefox

Hybrid-modelling web archive


Hybrid-Modelling Web Archive >> access the tool

Description of the model and user guide.

System requirements: Firefox

SINP Model on-line access

SINP Model

Dynamic paraboloid model >> access the tool

System requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera


LATMOS Hybrid Simulation Database

Access to the on-line catalogue of LATMOS hybrid simulations >> access the tool

Description of the model and user guide.

System requirements: Web-Browser that supports JavaScript

3DView - data visualization tool


3D visualization of position and orientation of spacecraft >> access the tool

3DView User Guide and Tutorial.

System requirements: Java SDK, Java3D 1.5.2, also see >> detailed 3DView requirements

ClWeb - data plotting tool


Multimission Space PLASMA Data Plotting Tool >> access the tool

System requirements: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera (no right click under Opera), Internet Explorer