IMPEx Tools and System Requirements

IMPEx is a web based system - in order to have full access to all components and functionalities, a modern web browser as well as Java support is required. 

Amda NG tool
AMDA NG - generic webtool


A generic Webtool for Space PLASMA Physics data analysis >> access the tool

  • automated event search and characterisation
  • catalogue generation and exploitation
  • automated database conditional extraction
  • access to remote Data Centers

Find an Introduction to CDPP AMDA >> here

System Requirements: Firefox

Hybrid-modelling web archive
SINP Model on-line access

SINP Model

Dynamic paraboloid model >> access the tool

System requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera



LATMOS Hybrid Simulation Database

Access to the on-line catalogue of LATMOS hybrid simulations >> access the tool

Description of the model and user guide.

System requirements: Web-Browser that supports JavaScript

3DView - data visualization tool


3D visualization of position and orientation of spacecraft >> access the tool

System requirements: Java SDK, Java3D 1.5.2, also see >> detailed 3DView requirements

ClWeb - data plotting tool


Multimission Space PLASMA Data Plotting Tool >> access the tool

System requirements: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera (no right click under Opera), Internet Explorer