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IMPEx Meetings

  • IMPEx Kick-Off Meeting (Helsinki, August 2011)

  • EPSC-DPS 2011 (Nantes, October 2011)

  • IMPEx URD/ADD Meeting (Toulouse, February 2012)

  • IMPEx ADD Meeting (Graz, April 2012)

  • IMPEx PMC #16, face-to-face meeting (Madrid, September 2012)

  • IMPEx USB/SSB face-to-face meeting (April 7th 2013, Vienna)
    Also see IMPEx Podcast episode 8 and USB/SSB feedback - RP1.

  • IMPEx PMC & Technical Meeting (Toulouse, September 2013), Agenda

  • IMPEx USB/SSB meeting for RP4 (web meeting, March 27th, 2014)

  • IMPEx PMC & Technical Meeting  (Moscow, May 2014)

  • IMPEx USB/SSB face-to-face meeting (April 16th 2015, Vienna, EGU)